Best Fantasy Football Draft Positions For 2023 - Wolf Sports (2024)

Best Fantasy Football Draft Positions For 2023 - Wolf Sports (1)

By Owen Brooks

June 22, 2023

We are in the swing of summer and rapidly approaching July, with football season just around the corner. So many hardcore fantasy football leagues have already determined draft orders for later this summer. In standard-sized ten-team half PPR leagues, these are arguably the best positions to draft from for a traditional snake format in 2023.

1. No. 1 overall

The most prolific running back on a half PPR points per game basis in the fantasy football era, Christian McCaffrey—especially while now playing in Kyle Shanahan’s offense and having a full offseason with the 49ers—should be a home-run first overall pick in 2023 fantasy drafts. Justin Jefferson is also heavily in the mix for the top selection in drafts, but most of the traditional home-style leagues will probably lean toward the RB.

2. No. 2 overall

No. 2 isn’t a bad consolation prize if you don’t get the top pick, as you can take your pick of options like Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, Cooper Kupp, Austin Ekeler, and Jonathan Taylor. And there’s a chance someone nabs Jefferson at the 1.01, in which case CMC might be available with second overall selection.

3. No. 10 overall

The other grab-and-go spot on the swing in snake drafts looks promising this season, with the ability to get a couple of top-tier options you really like—whether it’s a top-five running back and a top-five receiver, a premier duo at the same position, or another direction (like a quarterback if you don’t think your top choice will last until the end of Round 3).

4. No. 3 overall

McCaffrey and Jefferson are expected to be the 1-2 in most drafts, but guys like Chase, Kupp, and Ekeler are all among those that have a case to go top-two. At No. 3 overall, you might be thrilled to get your favorite option—and you get to pick a little earlier when things come back around for Round 2.

5. No. 4 overall

It’ll take a bit more luck, but No. 4 overall keeps you in position to potentially get the top player on your board depending on how things fall. For example, in ESPN’s full PPR rankings, McCaffrey is currently ranked No. 4 overall and Chase is No. 5. This spot is also getting to the range where you might feel more comfortable securing someone lower on the “consensus” board that might be termed a bigger reach than with a top-three pick.

6. No. 5 overall

Many people prefer picking in the middle of rounds in a snake draft to avoid falling victim to quick positional runs, and smart drafting can allow you to build a balanced powerhouse. The current ADPs might put you in position to select your top quarterback in the middle of Round 2 if that’s a direction you want to go.

7. No. 6 overall

Falling next to No. 5 and also operating as a pure “middle” selection, No. 6 can also be strong but is less likely to get one of the options you deem most elite with your first pick. Still, for bold drafters, it could be a prime spot to go for the players you want from the jump.

8. No. 9 overall

There’s a case for No. 9 to be higher than this, as it’s close to the back-to-back area and this year it could potentially allow you to get an underrated elite option like Derrick Henry with your first selection. At No. 12 overall, you could also potentially have your pick of the Tier 2 type of receivers like Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams, CeeDee Lamb, and A.J. Brown.

9. No. 7 overall

In the mid-to-late first-round area, it could be a tough spot if you can’t get someone you love—a top-five guy on your board, for example—in the first round. However, there should be a blend of options including Travis Kelce (though he can go much higher in many leagues) to start with—but at No. 7 you might not be able to get your top choice among the second-round options either; and the options might start getting thinner by the time you come back around in Round 3, too.

10. No. 8 overall

Right next to No. 7 but giving you even less of a chance to get someone you love to start your draft, No. 8 just doesn’t feel like a promising spot in standard ten-team leagues. That said, no matter where your draft position, all you can do is make strong selections to construct a competitive roster and go from there. You can win at any spot, and being bold with your moves is a key to ultimately winning a fantasy title.

Best Fantasy Football Draft Positions For 2023 - Wolf Sports (2024)


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