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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is one of the most hotly anticipated games on the horizon. As a sequel to the acclaimed Jedi: Fallen Order, it promises to deliver a thrilling new adventure for surviving Jedi Cal Kestis. One of the early challenges players will face is tracking down the valuable Stables Chest on the planet Bodhi.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through exactly how to find and open the Stables Chest, providing essential tips and tricks along the way. With the knowledge contained here, you‘ll maximize your Jedi: Survivor journey starting right from the opening hours of gameplay.

Overview of Jedi: Survivor and Cal‘s Journey

Before diving into Stables Chest details, let‘s recap Cal‘s journey so far and what we know about Jedi: Survivor‘s gameplay:

  • Set 5 years after Jedi: Fallen Order near the height of the Jedi Purge

  • Cal is being relentlessly hunted by the Empire‘s elite Inquisitors

  • He must learn new Force abilities while exploring the seedy corners of the galaxy

  • Quest involves unraveling mysteries of an ancient civilization

  • Sequel focuses more on action-adventure than RPG statistical progression

  • New locations like the ocean moon Bodhi and the city of Jedha introduced

  • BD-1 returns with new abilities unlocked via upgrades and crafting

Jedi: Survivor director Stig Asmussen has described it as a "direct continuation" of Cal and BD-1‘s adventures. Finding chests like the Stables Chest will provide key upgrades for the droid companion so critical to Cal‘s survival.

Where to Find the Stables Chest

When first arriving on Bodhi, the Stables Chest should be one of your top priorities to recover:

Location: Inside a small stable structure built into the mountainous cliffs of an area called The Gorge

How to Reach: Ride a mountable creature called a Nekko in front of the stable, jump to the roof, and use the Force to open the trapdoor

When Accessible: After unlocking the planet Bodhi, approximately 3 hours into the main story

Nearby Landmarks: Crashed Venator-class Star Destroyer hulk, Free Climb icons

Map Coordinates: X: 5382 Y: -1280

With Bodhi being one of the earliest complete planets available to explore in Jedi: Survivor, obtaining this chest quickly is advised.

Step-By-Step Stables Chest Walkthrough

Follow these steps to securely acquire the Stables Chest:

  1. Reach the story point where Bodhi becomes accessible after Darth Vader‘s attack.

  2. Travel to The Gorge region on Bodhi via your ship.

  3. Traverse through the mountain paths until you reach the crashed Venator shipwreck.

  4. Continue past the Star Destroyer hulk, using Free Climb to scale cliffs as needed.

  5. Keep an eye out for Nekko creatures roaming the rocky paths.

  6. Mount a Nekko when spotted and ride it toward the hillside stable up ahead.

  7. Stop the Nekko right before the stable entrance, then dismount.

  8. Back up to gain space and perform a jumping attack with the Nekko toward the stable‘s roof.

How to Get the Stables Chest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - The Ultimate Guide - DowneLink (1)

Use the Nekko to leap onto the stable roof

  1. Jump off the Nekko in mid-air to land safely on top of the stable.

  2. Circle around the back right corner of the roof to find a closed trap door.

  3. Approach the trap door and interact with it using the Force Pull ability.

  4. Drop down through the opened trap door into the room below.

  5. Turn around and open the Stables Chest resting against the back wall.

How to Get the Stables Chest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - The Ultimate Guide - DowneLink (2)

Interact with the chest to pry it open

  1. Watch the cutscene as Cal uses his lightsaber to unlock the chest.

  2. Check your inventory to confirm obtaining 1 Unique Metal crafting material.

With this step-by-step walkthrough, you‘ll secure the Stables Chest and its rewards smoothly. Next, let‘s examine why this chest is so valuable early in Jedi: Survivor.

What Makes the Stables Chest So Important?

Obtaining the Stables Chest on Bodhi as soon as it becomes accessible is highly recommended because it contains:

  • Unique Metal (x1) – Rare crafting material exclusively for BD-1 upgrades

  • Opens Up BD-1 Loader tree – Unlocks a whole new ability tree for BD-1

  • Essential for secret hunting – Scanning, hacking, and traversal abilities revealed

  • Permanent upgrades – BD-1 abilities persist across the entire game

The Unique Metal material is not easily found elsewhere on Bogano. Securing it early allows you to boost BD-1‘s skills right away to better explore planets and take on challenges.

Based on Resonance Cascade‘s gameplay previews, the Loader ability tree is “crucial for puzzle solving, opening locked chests/rooms, discovering secrets, and accessing new areas.‘‘ Upgrading BD-1 is the key to Jedi: Survivor‘s dynamic exploration.

So in summary, the Unique Metal makes the Stables Chest one of the most useful pickups early in the game.

How to Get the Stables Chest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - The Ultimate Guide - DowneLink (3)

The Unique Metal unlocks BD-1‘s Loader ability tree

BD-1 Abilities Unlocked with Unique Metal

The Unique Metal material gathered from the Stables Chest enables an entirely new Loader skill branch for BD-1. Here are the droid capabilities it will unlock:

Scanner PingPinpoints locations of exploration objectives
Scomp LinkAllows hacking of computer terminals
Memory Chip SlotEquip scavenged chips for buffs
OverchargeOffensive electricity attack
Specialized ToolsInteract with environment for puzzles

As you can see, acquiring the Unique Metal early allows BD-1 to open up new possibilities across traversal, secrets hunting, combat, puzzles, and more.

Upgrading these abilities allows you to:

  • Find hidden caches and bonus chests
  • Unlock doors blocking your path
  • Manipulate the environment to create new platforms
  • Defeat enemies blocking your progression
  • Gather more crafting materials efficiently

Without these upgrades, you‘ll be missing out on many of Jedi: Survivor‘s side content and challenges.

How the Stables Chest Complements Other Early Game Finds

While the Unique Metal material from the Stables Chest is the most essential pickup early on Bodhi, collecting other chests and rewards complements it nicely.

Venator Class Chests – Inside the crashed Star Destroyer hulk near the Stables Chest location. Contains cosmetic skins and lightsaber pieces.

Vault of Miktrull Holocron – Found by scanning inside a cave network in The Crag. Rewards a new Force ability.

Tomb of Kujet‘s Mural – Scannable mural that unveils Bogano history and teases future planets. Located in The Vallis.

Recovering these collectibles along with the Stables Chest gives you a well-rounded set of upgrades tailored to combat, traversal, and lore.

The Stables Chest is the keystone that lets you maximize what you gain from other goodies on Bogano. Having BD-1‘s detection and hacking abilities makes clean sweeping the planet much smoother.

Is the Time Investment of Getting This Chest Worth It?

Given how beneficial the payoff is, investing the time to get the Stables Chest as soon as possible is highly recommended.

At approximately 20-30 minutes round trip, it is quick and efficient enough to fit into your critical path exploration. The time dedicating to grabbing it early pays dividends for the rest of the game.

However, players extremely focused on blazing through just the main story beats may want to wait on returning for collectibles until later. The Stables Chest can still be obtained at any time, so playstyle preferences matter.

Overall, the Stables Chest represents one of the most valuable early game pickups in Jedi: Survivor. The sooner you can upgrade BD-1 with the Unique Metal, the better equipped you‘ll be moving forward.

Putting the Stables Chest to Use

Once acquired, the Unique Metal can immediately be used to invest in new BD-1 abilities. I recommend first fully upgrading BD-1‘s scanning radius and detection capabilities.

This allows you to thoroughly comb each planet, revealing hidden chests, echo secrets, and unmarked points of interest. Follow every lead BD-1 marks on your map.

Also prioritize unlocking the Scomp Link ability for hacking terminals. This opens up new areas and additional side content. Don‘t forget about BD-1‘s combat support abilities either.

Having these skills mastered makes challenges far more manageable when you inevitably encounter them later on riskier planets like Jedha, moon of Nautilar, and the watery world of Queel.

Tips for Maximizing Your Exploration

Here are some final tips to complement your Stables Chest acquisition and upgraded BD-1:

  • Fully explore and clear each planet before progressing to avoid backtracking later

  • Invest in Cal‘s traversal Force powers like Free Climb and Force Push/Pull

  • Listen for audio cues signalling secrets like Vault of Miktrull‘s eerie music

  • Scan and talk to NPCs to unlock side quests

  • Keep sufficient healing stims and energy bars stocked for long explorations

  • Manual save often so you don‘t lose progress if you die

  • Periodically spend skill points to balance offense, defense and Force abilities

  • Don‘t worry! Chests contents will be waiting if you progress the story farther before doubling back

Following this guidance along with the steps outlined in this guide will ensure you‘re ready to take on all Jedi: Survivor‘s challenges and unravel its mysteries.

The Journey Ahead

Obtaining the Stables Chest marks just the beginning of Cal Kestis‘ continuing fight for survival. What new foes, environments, and revelations awaits on planets like Jedha, Mountaintop, and Nautilar remains to be seen.

By upgrading BD-1 early, you‘ll have the tools needed to adapt to the evolving obstacles of Jedi: Survivor‘s cosmic journey. Cal and BD-1 will have to stay nimble to withstand the threats hunting them at every turn.

For now, the Stables Chest represents the first step on this path. Use the knowledge provided here to recover it smoothly and propel your adventure into unknown territory. Where it ultimately leads depends on the mastery of your Jedi skills.

May the Force be with you! The galaxy‘s darkest times await.

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How to Get the Stables Chest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - The Ultimate Guide - DowneLink (2024)


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