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Contact Information:


bicycle type: mountain

frame size: 19

wheel size: 26 in

bicycle frame material: aluminum

suspension: suspension fork (hardtail)

electric assist: throttle

condition: new

cryptocurrency ok

delivery available

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Quality, Reliable, Fuel Efficient, & Powerful.

Check out business profile on Instagram!
📸 @PedalOrPiston 📸

Quality You Can trust… Invest Once, Ride Forever

🛑 Disc brakes 🛑

⛰️ Suspension ⛰️

⛽️ Fuel efficient ⛽️

💪🏻 Powerful 💪🏻

💡 Lights 💡

I am selling a Brand New Base Model Build. Just finished up. Runs perfectly, idles perfectly, very powerful, great acceleration and top speed. Rides extremely smoothly/quietly and is a high quality build using only the best on the market.

The bike alone is brand new and selling for about $396 - $400 nowadays.

The engine is NOT a cheap, Chinese, junk, Amazon/ebay motor that lacks quality, proper machining, and quality control... All parts are upgraded for proper reliability, strength, longevity, performance, and most importantly, safety… All of my builds are professionally built with over 17 year of experience building. The customer’s experience and safety has always been and always will be at the forefront of the build process. Highly recommended checking out instagram 🚲💨@PedalOrPiston🚲💨 for a better idea of currently available models, customer builds, craftsmanship, custom options, and more.

Fuel Efficient, Powerful, and Reliable. ⛽️⚙️🚲

💪🏻 Exercise or Twist the Throttle! 🚲💨

No sacrifice to the bicycle’s traditional functionality whatsoever. Can still pedal and operate just as you would a normal 21 speed bicycle…. Can essentially never be truly stranded. Simply pedal away if need be or get some exercise whenever you want!


🔷 Base Model NP with Disc Brakes 🔷

- Disc Brakes 🛑 ✋

- 35 Top Speed 🚦

- Travel Range: (75 Miles)

- 150 Miles Per Gallon! 🤯

- Half Gallon Tank Comes Standard ⛽️

*(1 Gallon Tank Available... 150 Mile Range!) (Just ask)

- Strong Suspension 🏔

- Heavy-Duty On/Off Road Tires (All Season)☀️🏔☔️

- Water Proof🌧
(Cannot be fully submerged)

- Quiet Muffler 🤫

- Speed/Performance Carburetor

- Wheel Size: 26 inch wheels and tires

• Rider Height:
- (5’4” - 6’4”) (Best fit 5’6” - 6’1”)

- (Large) 19 inch frame.

(Small, Medium, Large and XL Frames Available... just ask)

- Engine Displacement: 80cc (2.5 HP)

(49cc, 66cc, 80cc, 100cc, 110cc available as well… just ask)

- Net weight: 65 lbs 🍃

- Weight/Tow Capacity: 380lbs 💪

* All bikes will include an Owner’s Manual📚
Call/Text/Message/DM for Information📲
📧 Can be found on Instagram… or click “Contact”
📱 Ask for phone number or look up on Instagram 📸@PedalOrPiston📸

Questions? Just ask.

Check out 📸@PedalOrPiston📸 on Instagram for more models, information, pictures, videos, customer builds, customer builds, etc.

Any questions feel free to ask… When it comes to motorized bikes, you name it, I can build it for you if you’d like.

Benefits of Gas vs Electric:

No hassle of waiting to charge like an electric bike and only getting 15-40 miles MAX out of a charge- If you’re lucky… No temperamental lithium ion batteries that go bad and tend to crack/discharge when stored in cold environments throughout the winters- Not to mention catch on fire. No electrical problems, and worrying about rain/snow, no wondering where to find parts, a cheaper upfront investment and last much longer, much more reliable if properly built, no travel range anxiety, fill up anywhere anytime, much further travel ranges

Gas bikes- Cheaper than electric, more durable, withstands all weather conditions, more powerful, further travel range… 75 miles per tank (half gallon tank standard)(Can upgrade to 1 gallon… 150 miles), the list goes on. Gas powered has always been my preference for many different reasons.

If built well, you can’t go wrong. Not to mention extremely versatile and fun. Extremely convenient. Need gas? Literally able to just ride up to the gas station and fill up full for around maybe $1.50 or so and get 75 miles out of it… or Fill up at home! No brainer.

Other models offered as well… 110cc, 100cc, 80cc, 66cc, 49cc, road bikes, mountain bikes, performance models, automatic transmission, 4 stroke 3 wheelers, manual transmission, off-road, hill climbers, hybrids, enduro models with headlights, tail lights, phone charger, upgraded exhaust systems, dirt bike seats, two seaters, you name it, just run it by me. Custom models available as well if you wanted something in particular.

Highly recommend checking out my business page on instagram…

Any questions about this bike or any other bikes/inquiries, feel free to reach out. (Also automotive repair needs… I am an automotive technician with over 13 years experience… I get quality parts for roughly 50% off and do my labor for roughly 50% less than any shop you can find)

Thank you,
Lucio 🚲 💨 (PedalOrPiston)

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    *New Build 🛑(Disc Brakes) 🛑 Professionally Built Motorized bike - bicycles - by owner - bike sale - craigslist (2024)


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