Perfect 2024 fantasy football superflex draft strategy, round by round — Picks 10-12 (2024)

• Back-to-back quarterbacks are still the way to go: Considering the gap in picks from our first two selections in drafts, locking up two quarterbacks early is the prime strategy here in 2024.

• Taking a bit of a zero-RB approach for most of the draft: With top talents at quarterback and high-end wide receivers being the focus, waiting on running back makes the most sense from this draft position.

• Get a head start on fantasy football: Use PFF's fantasy football mock draft simulator to create real live mock draft simulations to get ready for your live draft!

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Superflex fantasy drafts are becoming more popular year after year, but there is still uncertainty on how and when to draft certain positions. This series will focus on superflex ADP as we draft from the 10-12 range in order to find the best players available for the optimal build.

Before diving into the pick-by-pick strategy, it’s going to be very important to familiarize yourself with the overall league and scoring settings, especially when it comes to superflex settings.

  • As highlighted in the tables below, full PPR scoring allows a much more balanced score for the skill position players compared to quarterbacks, although, quarterbacks still hold an advantage at the top.
  • As scoring moves away from full PPR, quarterbacks will dominate the leaderboards even more. As more advantages are given to the skill positions, expect to see a more even distribution among the league’s top scorers.
  • As league size increases, the quarterback position also becomes more valuable as there are only 32 starters at most on any given week, so it becomes all the more important to load up on the position early.
PPR Scoring top finishers by position since 2014
0.5 PPR Scoring top finishers by position since 2014
Non-PPR Scoring top finishers by position since 2014
Draft strategy context:
  • League size: 12 teams
  • Scoring settings are full PPR


While having back-to-back picks in close proximity to each other is nice, it comes at the cost of a significant gap in waiting for the third round. Because of that gap, ensuring you hit on a quarterback early, even if it is somewhat of a reach according to ADP, is a necessary strategy.

Top Target: QB Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 13.3
  • The prospect of an elite wide receiver is going to seem enticing, but at a deep position, especially in comparison to quarterback, we can afford to be patient in order to lock up our starting QB(s).
  • Burrow stands out as the first quarterback who isn’t going in the first round but has top-five upside.
  • Burrow’s 2023 season was plagued by injury and disappointment for fantasy managers, but there’s no denying that he has high-end fantasy potential.
  • In Weeks 5-11 when he was healthy, Burrow averaged 19.9 fantasy points per game and ranked as the QB9 over that span.
  • He finished as the overall QB4 in 2022 and will have his top weapons in the passing game back to rely on, in Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins.
  • Starting with Burrow at QB1 and then coming back to the position with the next pick is as strong a start as you’ll get from this draft spot.
Possible targets: Ja’Marr Chase, Amon-Ra St. Brown


Regardless of whether you’re drafting 13th or 15th in the second round, there’s still around 20 picks before you can pick again, in which case almost all of the high-upside quarterbacks will be taken. It’s not impossible to wait one more round and still get a high-end starter, but often times it’s best not to risk it.

Top Target: QB Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 15.5
  • Richardson’s rookie season was cut extremely short in 2023, but his fantasy potential shined through in a big way, as expected.
  • No player delivered a higher rate of fantasy points per dropback than Richardson (0.73) last season, and no quarterback delivered a higher percentage of their fantasy points as a runner (52.4%).
  • It’s a small sample size to work off, but combined with his college tendencies and overall elite athleticism, Richardson has the potential to maintain a similar pace in 2024 should he remain healthy for the entire season.
  • He will be considered one of the top rushing threats near the goal line for Indianapolis, as he delivered four rushing touchdowns in four games last season, as well as a significant threat to scramble and take off as well — all great indicators for fantasy production.
  • Richardson has a strong shot to move into Tier 1 fantasy quarterback range at this point next season, making him worth the bet as our QB2 in this draft.
Possible targets: Dak Prescott, Kyler Murray

Both of these quarterbacks have finished as top-five fantasy options at their position in their careers and both will have a shot to do so again. They may have safer floors than Richardson, becoming good options for fantasy managers who would rather go that route.


This wide receiver run will, of course, depend on how closely you stuck with the strategy of the first two rounds, but if we have two quarterbacks locked up, we’re going to make up for what we potentially missed by going QB-QB to start the draft.

Top Target: WR Brandon Aiyuk, San Francisco 49ers
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 36.1
  • Aiyuk is coming off the best season of his career, finishing as the PPR WR12, posting 1,342 receiving yards (seventh), earning a 92.3 receiving grade (second), and 3.01 yards per route run (third).
  • Trade rumors have been swirling around Aiyuk all offseason long, but regardless of where he lands, he’ll have the potential to lead that team in targets considering his development into a top NFL wide receiver.
  • For now, Aiyuk has just as good of a shot as anyone on the 49ers at being that team’s lead wide receiver, and at the very least should still be able to cruise past 100 targets.
  • When factoring in the efficiency of the offense, and adding increased scoring opportunities to Aiyuk’s potential makes him all the more enticing and a good first wide receiver to start our run with.
Possible targets: Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa

For those that didn’t go quarterback in Round 1 or Round 2 and waited it out, ADP could fall where Herbert or Tagovailoa could serve well as your QB2.


We’re going to lean into a version of the zero-RB strategy for a bit here and load up at the wide receiver position, so get ready to fill that treasure trove for a couple more picks at least.

Top Target: WR Michael Pittman Jr., Indianapolis Colts
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 39.8
  • Pittman, much like our previously drafted Aiyuk, is also coming off a career year with a good shot to keep that momentum going after finishing as the PPR WR13 in 2023.
  • Pittman set new career highs in targets (150), receiving yards (1,152), receiving grade (80.0), and yards per route run (2.04) last season.
  • Pittman is once again in line to lead the Colts in receiving and after targeting his quarterback, Anthony Richardson, in Round 2, we also get the benefit of a stack between the two.
  • Pittman sits among the top 10 in projected targets again this season and after delivering on that workload in 2023, there’s no reason to feel concerned about him repeating with another strong fantasy season.

Possible targets: Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs

Evans and Diggs are strong options in this range. Evans is a personal favorite for those willing to reach on ADP.


Maintaining our wide receiver-heavy approach and scooping up another WR1 as our WR3 for this pick is going to be the primary goal.

Top Target: WR D.K. Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 59.7
  • Metcalf is set to lead the Seahawks' receiving corps in fantasy production once again after ceding that role to Tyler Lockett in 2022 (by just 11 PPR points). The gap widened more than it ever has in 2024 with Metcalf finishing as the WR19 and Lockett finishing outside of the top 24 (WR34) for the first time in five seasons.
  • Metcalf is the clear alpha wide receiver in Seattle’s offense, which was a pass-heavy unit last year and figures to be so once again under new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb out of Washington.
  • Metcalf also posted his best yards per route run total (2.04) since his WR6 finish in 2020, and his best yardage total (1,114) over that span.
  • Metcalf also earned 101 red zone targets since entering the league, which is second among wide receivers to only Davante Adams (127) over that span.
  • Metcalf’s high usage in the red zone continued in 2023 as well, where he earned 22 targets — the sixth most among all players. He will continue to be a high-opportunity scoring threat in 2024.
Possible targets: DeVonta Smith, Cooper Kupp

While not technically the WR1s on their respective teams that we might be looking for, Smith and Kupp are among the best WR2 options available on the right offenses to make the most of their opportunities.


Still holding strong in not taking a running back, before options become too dire at the quarterback position, it’s time to lock in a capable weekly fill-in who won’t crush our fantasy output when called upon.

Top Target: QB Kirk Cousins, Atlanta Falcons
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 61.7
  • Cousins is coming off a torn Achilles tendon in 2023, which pushes him down draft boards. He is an ideal fit to step in as a backup in superflex leagues.
  • When healthy last season, Cousins delivered 20.3 fantasy points per game, which was a top-five mark at the time, and while he’ll be going to a new team, there is similar potential in his offensive weapons.
  • Cousins inherits Drake London, Kyle Pittsand Bijan Robinson and as long as he can start the season healthy, he should have no issue providing at least QB2 type numbers at worst in this Atlanta offense.
Possible targets: Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers

Stafford and Rodgers are the other aging quarterbacks who fantasy managers may want to turn to as their QB3 in this range, with both offering similarly solid floors as Cousins.


It’s not always easy to hold out this long and not draft a running back, but for those who have remained patient and end up hitting on these next few picks, you’ll be rewarded for that patience with some solid options.

Top Target: RB James Conner, Arizona Cardinals
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 83.6
  • Conner set new career highs in rushing grade (88.4), yards per carry (5.0), yards after contact per attempt (3.93 ) and missed forced tackles per attempt (0.29) — all top-six marks for his position.
  • Conner not only achieved these new career highs at 28 years old but did so with just 21.4% of his rushing yards coming before contact, which was the sixth-lowest mark in the league.
  • Conner was among the most impressive backs in the league last season, and while the Cardinals did draft Trey Benson in the third round of the NFL draft, Conner should still lead the backfield in 2024.
  • Considering the talent he showcased last season and the potential for touches to remain similarly high after averaging 17.3 opportunities per game last year, he’s an easy value pick as our first running back off the board.
Possible targets: David Montgomery, Najee Harris

Montgomery and Harris aren’t as exciting as Conner, but they have the potential to consistently be fantasy starters this season with decent projected workloads as well.


With RB1 locked in, it’s time to turn our attention to who will be a strong RB2, and there are still some volume-based backs available as we enter these middle rounds.

Top Target: RB Zamir White, Las Vegas Raiders
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 95.1
  • White has legitimate breakout potential this season based on his opportunity for touches alone.
  • The Raiders did not address the position with any high-value additions this offseason, so heading into 2024, White is the clear favorite atop the running back depth chart, and even on a below-average offense, there’s plenty of value in that role for fantasy.
  • Last season, Josh Jacobs was among the most ineffective running backs, averaging 3.5 yards per carry which ranked tied for 53rd among 63 qualifying players.
  • With Jacobs’ opportunity, however, he finished the year tied as the PPR RB17 in points per game (14.1) and as the RB23 overall despite playing in just 10 games.
  • White, in four games without Jacobs, averaged 23.3 opportunities per game and was a top-21 PPR running back in each game to close out the year.
  • Even if his opportunities dip from what they were to close out last season, there is still plenty of meat left on the bone for White to remain a weekly fantasy starter and worthy of being our flex option at this point in drafts.
Possible targets: Najee Harris, David Montgomery

The same other potential targets as the previous rounds for anyone who misses out on Conner or White.


When choosing the running backs in this middle range of the draft, they come with a bit more risk than those who are taken earlier, so supplementing some of that risk by building a decent stable of options can help ensure we widen our funnel for potential hits.

Top Target: RB Tony Pollard, Tennessee Titans
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 107.1
  • Pollard didn’t deliver anywhere close to his top-10 ADP last season, finishing tied for RB23 in PPR points per game (12.9) as the RB15 overall.
  • That being said, Pollard performed significantly better once he appeared to be healthier last season compared to when he started the year coming off a broken leg.
  • Pollard went from ranking outside the top-25 at his position from Weeks 1-10 in rushing grade, yards after contact per attempt, missed tackles forced per attempt, and first down/touchdown rate to top 15 in all those categories from Weeks 11-18, including the best rushing grade in the league (90.8) over that span.
  • Pollard won’t likely see the most targets on the team over Tyjae Spears, but he should be the clear favorite for carries, including at the goal line where he can make up for only delivering six touchdowns all of last year.
Possible targets: Jonathon Brooks, Raheem Mostert

Should Pollard be gone, or if you don’t believe in his bounce-back ability, there are some high upside options here in the rookie Brooks, who could take over Carolina’s backfield at some point, or Mostert – last year’s overall RB2.


After getting streaky with positional runs at the other positions, it’s easy to forget that there is one more position worth targeting, and it’s one that can dry up quickly if we’re not vigilant. Luckily, there are at least a couple of solid options still remaining.

Top Target: TE Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 113.6
  • Geodert is a relatively safe starting tight end to help solidify the position in our fantasy starting lineups.
  • He earned 10.4 PPR points per game in 2023, finishing as the overall TE13 having missed three games, and was TE11 the year prior to that.
  • He doesn’t necessarily have the overall top-five upside that we’re looking for at the position, but considering how we strategized this draft with a wide receiver-heavy approach early on followed by a run on running backs, he’s exactly what we’re looking for to reliably get the job done on a weekly basis.
  • Goedert’s 6.1 targets per game and 1.0 red zone targets per game from last season shouldn’t be a problem to carry over into 2024, and that’s often the best we can hope for when drafting a tight end outside the top-100 players.
Possible targets: Dalton Schultz, Pat Freiermuth

Both Schultz and Freiermuth are going a bit later according to ADP but also ahead of our next pick, so it’s fine to reach a bit here to ensure we get a tight end, especially if Goedert is off the board.


Running back is still likely the position that will require the most attention after fading it early on and there being a need to provide slightly more insurance at the position.

Top Target: RB Brian Robinson, Washington Commanders
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 130.8
  • Robinson is going to lead the Commanders' backfield in carries this season despite Austin Ekeler being added in free agency. Luckily for us, Robinson is being drafted about 20-plus spots after Ekeler (107.5) at the moment.
  • Robinson performed better than Ekeler last season in rushing grade (73.7), missed tackles forced per attempt (0.21), yards after contact per attempt (2.9), first down/touchdown rate (25.8%), yards per carry (4.1), explosive run rate (10.7%) and even had more receiving touchdowns (four) despite seeing half the targets as Ekeler in 2023.
  • With a mobile quarterback like Jayden Daniels under center, we often see less of a tendency to dump the ball off to running backs on passing downs compared to scrambling, and for Ekeler as the passing down back, that doesn’t help his case to be drafted as Washington’s RB1.
  • Robinson should have plenty of opportunities to prove he’s a better back than Ekeler in 2024, just as he did in 2023.
Possible targets: Ezekiel Elliott, Trey Benson

Elliott is set for a lead role in Dallas, and while he isn’t the player he once was, there’s potential there on a very good offense. Benson is the James Conner insurance for those who believe the rookie will take over at some point, or are concerned about the injury history of Conner.


After adding depth at running back, it’s time to (finally) turn our attention back to the wide receiver position. We loaded up early with players who aren’t likely to leave the starting lineup, but when they do, these players will hopefully help fill the void.

Top Target: WR Courtland Sutton, Denver Broncos
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 135.3
  • There is no more disrespected team WR1 in fantasy drafts right now than Sutton, going as WR50 at the moment despite delivering 13.0 PPR points per game last season, which ranked tied for 29th at the position.
  • Sutton also posted the second-best yards per route run total of his career (1.66) and his second-best receiving grade (75.2).
  • He set a new career-high in touchdowns (10) as well, and the team just moved on from their second-leading target earner from last season, Jerry Jeudy.
  • Sutton is the favorite to lead the Broncos in receiving production again this season and for his current cost, that alone makes him a significant value for the position.
  • The Broncos quarterback position is a question mark with rookie Bo Nix likely to see the bulk of snaps this season, but Nix was the 12th overall pick this year for a reason after leading the rookie class in 2023 in passing grade (92.7), wins above average (1.43), sack rate (1.2%) and turnover-worthy-play rate (0.9%). He should be able to at least keep Sutton afloat and worth more than his current cost.
Possible targets: Romeo Doubs, Mike Williams

There are riskier wide receiver options outside of Sutton in this range with some big-play options like Doubs and Williams being the next-best bets. Sutton is my favorite pick in this range, though there is fine weekly value for both these players as well.


Top Target: TE Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints
  • Sleeper Redraft SF ADP: 157.7
  • Hill was targeted as a receiver more than he ever has been in his NFL career last season with 39 total targets, leading to a career-high 33 receptions and 291 receiving yards.
  • That alone isn’t a lot to be excited about for a fantasy tight end but when adding in that he also handled 78 carries for 401 yards and four rushing touchdowns, and knowing that his floor has been 54 carries these past four seasons, that certainly helps.
  • If that isn’t enough, he also has some passing potential, though that has gone down quite a bit in recent years, and especially since Derek Carr joined the team.
  • Either way, Hill’s utilization in the Saints’ offense across multiple situations always makes him an intriguing case for fantasy and led to his second-straight TE16 PPR finish.
Possible targets: Rashid Shaheed, Gabe Davis

Shaheed and Davis are two of the best boom/bust receivers in this range thanks to their big-play upside and deep threat roles in their respective offenses.


At this point in drafts consider it a free-for-all and don’t be afraid to grab your favorite sleepers whenever you see fit. There are several rookie sleepers found here, with a few more sleepers here and plenty yet to come on PFF.

Perfect 2024 fantasy football superflex draft strategy, round by round — Picks 10-12 (2024)


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