Raypak Digital R266A Pool Heater - 266k BTUs - Natural Gas - 009217 (2024)


This Raypak PR266ADNC Digital Pool and Spa Heater is 266,000 BTUs, is fueled by natural gas, and has polymer headers and copper tubes. These digital heaters now feature ProTek Shield which is a cutting-edge module that protects the heat exchanger and extends the life of the heater. ProTek is excellent for use in chlorinated and salt water pools.

ProTek Shield is engineered to take the brunt of the corrosion that naturally occurs over time. When the ProTek Shield is eroding, that means it is working. Plus, this is a replaceable part and will save you money!

This model Raypak Digital heater has the highest quality integral copper fin tube heat exchanger available. Copper is well known for its ability to efficiently transfer heat and is the first choice for pool and spa heat exchanger construction. The Raypak digital gas heaters can be used in residential or small commercial pools and spas.

Standard with every digital pool and spa heater is a set of two inch slip fit CPVC water connections. These connections will make your installation secure and effortless. Raypak Digital pool and spa heaters also offer you flexible installation solutions.

The Raypak Digital heaters are equipped with an intelligent control system that can easily be tied into an existing remote system. It also features a thermostat controlled by a microprocessor for setting the perfect temperature for your pool or spa. The self-adjusting burner compensates for gas pressure fluctuations, ensuring that the heater will always burn clean and safe.

Energy-smart Raypak heaters consistently achieve the highest efficiency ratings and the Raypak Digital is no exception. It exceeds all federal and state standards. And every Raypak gas pool heater is plumbed and test fired before it is put in the carton. This ensures that your heater will fire right out of the box and continue to give you years of trouble-free operation.

The sleek and stylish Raypak Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater features innovative technology designed to keep your pool or spa at the perfect temperature. Built to withstand various weather conditions, this modern pool heater is the perfect solution for environments requiring efficiency, convenience and versatility. Thanks to a brilliant low-profile design, corrosion resistant cabinet, copper fin tube heat exchanger, and a bevy of advanced engineered materials, enjoying your heater year round is a breeze.

Elevation on this model is to 2,000 feet. For higher elevation digital heaters, please contact our helpdesk for a quote.

Raypak Purchase and Installation Recommendations

Poolweb.com and Raypak want to ensure that everyone who purchases a Raypak pool heater receives a pool heater which will last and perform better than anything else on the market. We ask that you consider carefully the following before making your purchase decision:

A pool heater installation does require experience and training. Pool heater installations should be left to a qualified installer, service agency or the gas supplier. Even if a service company has the technical qualifications, be sure to ask if they have installed pool heaters in the past.

Not all pool professionals, electricians, plumbers, or gas technicians have the experience or qualifications necessary to install a pool heater. Please check your local codes or contact your local governing agencies to determine what licenses are required and if any permits are required BEFORE you purchase.

There are various other considerations that can affect the life and operation of the heater, such as the type of sanitization systems present in your pool. We highly recommend installing a pool chemistry control system in conjunction with your heater. Consistently properly balanced pool water will greatly extend the life of your heater.

Not every pool heater can be installed in every state. There are special considerations that need to be made in particular regions of the country or in specific states. If you are unsure of what type, model or accessories to purchase to ensure a safe and complaint heater, please contact us for assistance.

What is Raypak's warranty?

Raypak pool and spa heaters are engineered to perform and built to last. The brand you know and trust is bringing you more peace of mind with a limited warranty on residential pool and spa heating products.

The benefits of their new extended limited warranty, include 2-year extended warranty, professional in person service, 24-hour or same-day service, genuine Raypak parts, and factory technical support. Additional information on the terms and conditions and how their warranty impacts you, this item and the installation process, please visit the Raypak website.

Raypak Digital R266A Pool Heater - 266k BTUs - Natural Gas - 009217 (2024)


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