Who Buys Used Appliances? (2024)

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Key Takeaways

  • Many online platforms facilitate the selling and purchasing of used appliances.
  • Most of these platforms are communication hubs, which allow buyers and sellers to make arrangements virtually. Some platforms offer payment through the platform.
  • There are physical shops that purchase used/old appliances, including thrift stores.
  • Other alternatives to selling these items include donating them, recycling them, or selling them to a scrap dealer.

“As an adult, you should have at least one spoon in your collection, which you look at with scorn every time you open your drawer.” Many of us could probably relate to this, although it is generally not limited to spoons. We tend to accumulate many appliances and other electronics we once thought were a great investment, only to have used them once and then put them straight into storage. If you’ve been spring cleaning and are unsure of what to do with your “trove” of used items, we look at who buys used appliances below.


  • Key Takeaways
  • Online Platforms For Selling Your Used Appliances
    • Craigslist
    • eBay
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Gumtree
    • Mercari
    • VarageSale
  • Stores Which Purchase Your Used Items
    • Best Buy
    • Thrift Stores
  • Related Questions
    • What If I Want To Sell Used Appliances In A Different Way?
    • What Are Other Alternatives To Selling Old Appliances?

Online Platforms For Selling Your Used Appliances

Websites and apps that facilitate selling your old stuff to interested parties litter the internet. Some of these sites/apps put you in contact with buyers globally, while others are limited to people in your immediate area. These sites and apps include:


Good old faithful Craigslist is a major “go-to” store for many of our needs. The range of items and services available on this marketplace is astounding.

Craigslist functions as an advertising platform where sellers upload their products with item descriptions and photos (where applicable), prices and contact details; while buyers browse items at their leisure.

Buyers contact sellers, and it’s up to sellers to decide if they are happy with the buyer.


Item prices on Craigslist are generally fixed, but some negotiations may be possible (depending on you, the seller). There are many other similar items available, so prices should be competitive.


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eBay is similar in many ways to Craigslist. The range of products/items on eBay is also extensive, and most often, you (the seller) sell directly to the public or companies interested.

Your appliances also enter a catalogue where they are grouped with other similar products. Once again, a description, photos, contact, and shipping details are important additions.

eBay, however, has the option to put some items on auction, where buyers compete, and the seller may end up receiving a higher price. Many items also have a “buy it now” option, allowing buyers to purchase them aside from an auction.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another “direct to consumer” type of platform. Like Craigslist and eBay, the Facebook marketplace allows sellers to advertise their wares/services online, with descriptions, photos, and contact details.

Facebook recommends a cash-on-delivery method or using a third-party site like PayPal. There is the option of using Facebook messenger to conduct transactions as well.


The Facebook marketplace has a tremendous range of products available. There are also specific Facebook groups where people advertise old/used appliances and other items.


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Gumtree started as a United Kingdom variant of eBay, but since August 2007, it has also operated in the US. Much like the above examples, Gumtree is another platform for advertising various products and services.

Gumtree’s focus is cash on delivery, so purchases are not made through the site. Buyers find the advertised appliance/product on the listings and then contact the seller, who arranges the “when, where, and how” of purchasing.


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Mercari is a Japanese founded online platform which allows sellers to advertise their second-hand goods. A prominent feature of this company is that buyers and sellers download and use the Mercari app.

This app features convenient shopping and anonymous shipping from linked stores.

Mercari requires photos, a description, competitive/accurate prices, and selecting a shipping option to sell items.

They also facilitate payments through the app, with cash-out requests and direct deposits into your account (after 3 days of purchase).


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As the name suggests, VarageSale is a virtual garage sale where instead of people in your neighborhood viewing your goods, you access a global market.

VarageSale is another app-based platform to advertise your old goods, and buyers select what they want from the listings and contact sellers through the app.

Recently VarageSale changed its policy to allow buyers to pay through the app (as previously it was a cash-only affair). This convenience is in limited areas, but as it gains popularity, it will spread.

Stores Which Purchase Your Used Items

Some stores may purchase your old appliances and sell them afterwards. This store-bought route avoids the worries and risks of online shopping/selling.

Best Buy

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Best Buy has roughly 1159 stores globally and an online platform. They are a specialized consumer electronics company and sell new and second-hand goods.

Best Buy has the option for a “trade-in” on some of your old electronics/appliances and even has the option to “haul-away” large items (big televisions, fridges, etc.) for an additional fee. Once traded in, you receive a gift card to use for future purchases from Best Buy.

Not all stores offer this trade-in option.

Thrift Stores

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Thrift stores are another way to sell an older appliance without the headache of hunting down buyers/being competitive or meeting up to exchange cash for goods.

Thrift stores usually have a set rate for certain appliances, so you might not get the best deal on your goods, but they will most likely purchase the item from you.


Thrift stores are generally well distributed across the states. A quick Google or Yellow Pages search for thrift stores in your area should yield plenty of results close by.

What If I Want To Sell Used Appliances In A Different Way?

Suppose you don’t enjoy the thought of uploading your old appliances onto the internet, nor do you want to go through a company (as you don’t always get the best deals). In that case, electing to sell your old appliances directly to people in your direct neighborhood is another option.

Some options include:

  • Garage sales. These are probably the best way to directly sell your old goods, especially if you’ve been spring cleaning and discovered many old gems that need new homes.

A lawn/garage sale is convenient for you as it’s from your garden, which helps if you have a wide selection of many goods to hawk and limited transportation.

You set the prices, and interested people buy while others browse. Caution is required when selling directly from your home as theft may be an issue during the sale or later (once people have “cased out” your house, security, etc.).

Another issue with this type of selling is that your customers are limited to people in your neighborhood or those visiting the area, which you can remedy by advertising before the day.

  • Markets and boot sales. An alternative to selling from your garage is to take old appliances to a boot sale/outdoor swap meet.

The benefit of these types of sales is, you take your goods to a predetermined point. People usually know about these shopping events, so your market is bigger than a garage sale.

The most significant issue is that you need to transport the goods to these places, which may be challenging depending on the item’s size. You may also need to rent a stall/area to sell when you arrive at the destination.

What Are Other Alternatives To Selling Old Appliances?

If you’ve tried to sell an older appliance with no luck or had a change of heart and decided that you don’t want to sell it but don’t have the space for an unused item, there are some alternatives to consider:

  • Donating old appliances. What you might think of as redundant, another person may find a necessity. If you don’t need the money from an old appliance, donating it to a charity like The Salvation Army (and other religious organizations), the Goodwill Industries, an orphanage, or a school are great ways to give old items a new life while helping the community.
  • Recycling old appliances. You could also consider repurposing and recycling old appliances. An old chest freezer could make a great storage unit or veggie garden (for herbs and other smaller plants).

Taking older goods to be recycled is also a superb idea, as some of the parts may be salvageable.

Can I Sell Broken Appliances?

Many sites like Craigslist, eBay or Facebook marketplace will allow you to sell broken appliances, provided you are honest and upfront about it. An accurate and honest description with clear, diagnostic photographs allows buyers to view the broken items and decide if they want them or not.

Many people may want to reuse, repurpose, or even recycle your old appliances, so before throwing them out, give advertising them a try.

Alternatively, scrap yards are places that buy broken appliances, as there are often usable partsand metal to recycle.

Who Buys Used Appliances? (2024)


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