Is Cathay Pacific better than British Airways? (2024)

Is Cathay Pacific better than British Airways?

Cathay's are more understated and polished service whereas BA's are more overtly friendly and chatty. Despite the new cabin and glamour of the A380, my winner was Cathay Pacific.

Is Cathay Pacific one of the best airlines?

Hong Kong's national airline, Cathay Pacific, is ranked ninth. Recognised as the fourth best airline in Asia and the ninth best worldwide, Cathay Pacific is renowned for its quality and elegance.

Is British Airways the best airline in the world?

The UK's flag carrier, British Airways, was ranked 17th best in the world. Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of, said that Air New Zealand's “commitment to the economy passenger and on long haul offers more comfort options than any other airline”.

Is Cathay Pacific a partner with British Airways?

We are a member of oneworld® along with Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian and SriLankan Airlines.

Is British Airways a good international airline?

British Airways is a British carrier. Frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 7.3/10. This is above the general average .

Is Cathay Pacific a luxury airline?

Our enhanced First experience is designed to strike the perfect balance – from the inspiring menus, to the luxurious bedding and amenities, and our warm, thoughtful service.

Where does Cathay Pacific rank?

Hong Kong's home carrier is also ranked 8th in World's Top Airlines in 2023, and once again honoured with the 5-star Airline rating, one of only ten airlines that received this coveted quality distinction. The World Airline Awards is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the airline industry.

Why is British Airways so popular?

The airline is excellent in terms of comfort, their loyalty program, and their customer service. British Airways flies to over 200 destinations, and their frequent flyer program is top tier.

Why is British Airways the best airline?

Customers have voted British Airways staff as the best in Europe at the Skytrax 2019 World Airline Awards. The award recognises the airline's staff for their friendliness and efficiency, and highlights the consistent excellent service delivered by airport and on-board customer service teams.

Where does British Airways rank in the world?

Airlines 50 2023 Ranking
1512British Airways
1719Turkish Airlines
1813Japan Airlines
21 more rows

Is Cathay Pacific owned by China?

Cathay Pacific was founded on 24 September 1946 by Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow and American Roy C. Farrell, the airline celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016. As of March 2021, its major shareholders are Swire Pacific with a 42.3% stake, Air China with a 28.2% and Qatar Airways with a 9.4% stake.

What plane does Cathay Pacific use from London to Hong Kong?

Our London to Hong Kong flights operate on our fleet of modern Boeing 777s, Airbus A330s, and A350s.

What planes do Cathay Pacific use?

Combined with safety and comfort, every flight is an exceptional flying experience.
  • Airbus A321neo. The newest aircraft to join our fleet, the A321neo features uncompromising comfort, 4K Ultra HD TV screens in every seat and extra-large overhead bins.
  • Airbus A330. ...
  • Airbus A350. ...
  • Boeing 777.

Is Delta better than British Airways?

Delta is a very good airline. Consistently good across their long haul fleet, unfettered aisle access in business class, and better seat pitch than BA in economy (32" vs 31"). And an incredibly good on time performance record.

Is British Airways or Virgin Atlantic better?

In the competition of British Airways versus Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Atlantic edges out a win. The two airlines implement similar policies and in-flight offerings. However, Virgin Atlantic charges fewer fees, offers a slightly better in-flight experience and has a more-valuable points currency.

Which is better British Airways or Emirates?

Why Emirates is better than British Airways. When comparing British Airways versus Emirates, Emirates comes out as the clear winner. Emirates offers more credit card options and better card perks.

Why is Cathay Pacific so expensive?

Cathay Pacific invests in offering top-notch amenities, including spacious and private suites, fully flat beds, premium bedding, gourmet dining options, a dedicated cabin crew, and enhanced entertainment systems. These high-quality services and amenities contribute to the overall cost of the first-class experience.

Is Cathay Pacific a good airline to fly?

This airline is rated amount the Top 3 carriers on Flight-Report. Frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 8.4/10.

Is Cathay Pacific economy comfortable?

Experience greater comfort than ever in our Economy seat, ergonomically designed with cushioning and an adjustable headrest to provide maximum support for your head and neck. Take advantage of the ample legroom to really stretch out during your journey.

Which is better Emirates or Cathay Pacific?

Emirates in economy offers more space in the A380 than Cathay. Emirates IFE is great. Cathay is more than 10% cheaper and is also an excellent airline. I would look at schedule and also at the flexibility the tickets offer (change, seat reservation) and take these factor into account as well in my decision.

Is Cathay Pacific a 5 star airline?

At the time of this writing, there are only 10 airlines on the five-star list: ANA All Nippon Airways. Asiana Airlines. Cathay Pacific Airways.

What is Cathay Pacific known for?

Cathay Pacific Limited is an airline based in Hong Kong. It transports passengers and cargo to over 120 cities world-wide. Its main base and hub is at Hong Kong International Airport.

Who is British Airways biggest competitor?

British Airways' main competitor in the UK is the low-cost airline EasyJet, which first grew from being the second largest airline by passenger numbers in the UK to the largest in 2021 and continued to hold the top position in 2022.

Why does British Airways have a bad reputation?

One of the primary factors is its frequent cancellations, delays, and missed connections. Many customers have experienced difficulties in getting refunded for cancelled flights or rescheduling their journey. The airline's customer service has also been a source of major complaints.

Why British Airways is struggling?

Second, the Covid lockdown hit BA hardest of all the UK carriers because it makes most of its money on long-haul routes to North America, and that market was closed for longer than any other major destination.


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