What will Apple stock be worth in 2040? (2024)

What will Apple stock be worth in 2040?

Key highlights: Apple, the world's largest company with a $2.81 trillion market cap, has grown at over 25% CAGR in the past decade. Based on the S&P 500's historical 11.1% ROI, Apple's stock could reach $1,093 by 2040 and $3,140 by 2050.

What will Tesla be worth in 2040?

Tesla stock's average annual return for the past ten years has been around 40%. If this average annual return were to continue until 2040, Tesla stock would reach a price of $101,597.

What will Amazon stock be worth in 2040?

Amazon price prediction key takeaways:

A more realistic projection, based on the historical yearly average of the S&P 500, suggests a price of $1,052 by 2040 and $3,023 by 2050 (which would be a +1,627% increase compared to current rates).

Is Apple stock a good 10 year investment?

Apple 10-Year Performance

Patient investors who held the stock through all of its ups and downs were rewarded with what Wall Street refers to as a “10-bagger,” a stock that provided a return of 10x the original investment. On a percentage basis, those who held Apple stock over the past 10 years earned a 916% return.

Will Apple reach $1,000 per share?

Can Apple stock reach $1,000? Apple stock could reach $1,000 in the future if Apple continues to post robust business results, expands to new markets, and benefits from a favorable macroeconomic environment. If AAPL were to reach $1,000, Apple's market cap would grow to a whopping $15.72 trillion.

What will Google stock be in 2040?

Key takeaways
GOOG Stock Forecast (5% yearly growth)$145$318
GOOG Stock Forecast (8.32% annual ROI since IPO)$150$539
GOOG Stock Forecast (S&P 500 historical 11.13% ROI)*$154$833
GOOG Stock Forecast (QTEC 15.2% ROI)**$160$1,536
Feb 29, 2024

What will Tesla be worth in 2050?

When it comes to the Tesla stock price prediction for 2050, Tesla stock would be trading at $4,700 in 2050 if it were to grow at the same 11.8% average rate as the S&P 500. If TSLA were to grow at the same rate as the Nasdaq 100's 17.5% average annual return, it would be worth $18,900 by 2050.

What will Apple be worth in 10 years?

Where will Apple stock be in 10 years? CoinPriceForecast anticipated AAPL could be at $417 by the end of 2033 and hit $439 by the end of the following year.

How much will Microsoft stock cost in 2040?

Key highlights:
MSFT stock forecast (Microsoft historical 9.32% ROI - last 25 yrs)$444$1,849
MSFT stock forecast (S&P 500 historical 11.13% ROI - last 50 yrs)$452$2,444
MSFT stock forecast (QTEC historical 15.20% ROI - last 15 yrs)$468$4,504
Feb 16, 2024

How big will Nvidia be in 2030?

Assuming Nvidia is still trading at the same forward P/E, its stock price could reach $3,360 by the end of 2030, or 328% above the current share price. That would put its market cap at over $8 trillion.

What if you invested $1,000 in Apple 20 years ago?

What does that look like on a brokerage statement? Check out the above chart and you'll see that if you invested $1,000 in Apple stock 20 years ago, it would today be worth almost $530,000. The same $1,000 invested in the S&P 500 would have theoretically turned into $6,186 over the same period.

Will Apple stock reach $700 again?

"Apple's been on top for so long now," says Matt Warman in Britain's Telegraph, "there is only one way it can go." Indeed, Apple shares will never get back to $700, says The Economist.

What if you invested $1,000 in Apple in 2009?

If you invested in Apple 10 years ago, that decision would have paid off. According to CNBC calculations, a $1,000 investment made on May 1, 2009, would be worth more than $13,000 as of midday May 1, 2019, for a total return of more than 1,200%. Over the same period, the S&P 500 returned just over 300%.

Can Apple stock reach $200?

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) stock made an improbable run to all-time highs in 2023. The tech giant's shares approached $200 by mid-December, translating into an over 50% rally on the year.

Is AAPL a safe long-term investment?

Other cloud computing stocks look compelling for the new year as well. And, of course, I still like semiconductor stocks, too, especially if the iPhone and other consumer electronic sales notch a rebound in 2024. To be clear, Apple looks like it has all the ingredients to continue as a great long-term investment.

How high can Apple stock go?

The average price target for Apple is $204.30. This is based on 28 Wall Streets Analysts 12-month price targets, issued in the past 3 months. The highest analyst price target is $250.00 ,the lowest forecast is $158.00. The average price target represents 17.88% Increase from the current price of $173.31.

How much will Amazon stock be worth in 2050?

Amazon stock forecast for 2050

If we assume that the Amazon stock price followed the S&P 500's historical 11.13% yearly rate of return until 2050, the stock would be priced at $3,091, or 17.3x higher than the current price.

How much will Amazon stock be worth in 2030?

Long-Term Amazon Stock Price Predictions
2027$ 383.54111.94%
2028$ 492.66172.23%
2029$ 632.82249.68%
2030$ 812.86349.17%
2 more rows

What will Shopify be worth in 2030?

Long-Term Shopify - Class A Stock Price Predictions
2027$ 362.69364.27%
2028$ 605.04674.51%
2029$ 1,009.351,192.05%
2030$ 1,683.832,055.44%
2 more rows

Will a Tesla last a lifetime?

What is the life expectancy of a Tesla car? The life expectancy of a Tesla car can vary, but many Tesla owners report their vehicles lasting well over a decade with proper maintenance. Tesla's battery and drive unit warranty usually spans 8 years or a specified mileage limit, which can offer a useful guideline.

How much will a Tesla car be worth in 10 years?

Tesla Model 3 Depreciation
Years OldDepreciationResidual Value
6 more rows

How much will Tesla car be worth in 5 years?

A Tesla Model Y will depreciate 39% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $36,363. The chart below shows the expected depreciation for the next 10 years. These results are for vehicles in good condition, averaging 12,000 miles per year. It also assumes a selling price of $59,232 when new.

How much is $10,000 invested in Apple 20 years ago?

Those gains translate to a 36.6% compound annual growth rate for Apple compared to a 7.4% CAGR for the S&P 500 in that time. That means that $10,000 in AAPL stock purchased 20 years ago would be worth about $5.08 million today, assuming reinvested dividends.

How much will Microsoft be worth in 10 years?

Multiplying $633 billion by 10 gives us a potential market cap of $6.33 trillion. Given that Microsoft's market cap today is $3.0 trillion, a market cap of $6.33 trillion translates to a share price of $852. This share price forecast suggests that Microsoft stock could be a solid investment over the next decade.

What is the best long term stocks to buy?

best long term stocks
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.Ksolves India1167.85
2.Life Insurance970.35
3.Remedium Life113.50
4.Tips Industries471.45
23 more rows


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